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Drilling milling stand BF1243 with step clamp set 10 pieces

Quick Overview

Solid steel column total height 750 mm
Hexagonal steel boom total length 500 mm
Travel Z-axis 500 mm
Travel Y-axis 325 mm

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It‘s off to the workshop
with the unique multi-talented system,
that home workers dream about
and that impresses the professionals

  • in-house design and manufacture
  • through total height of the steel column of 750 mm is particularly suitable for working with a coordinate table
  • a flexible and space-saving alternative to table drilling machines, pillar drilling machines and column drilling machines
  • precise drilling and milling because the tools can be positioned precisely over the workpiece
  • extensive accessories meet the most diverse customer requirements

Special features

  • WABECO drilling milling stand for vertical and horizontal infeed
  • the second infeed (transverse travel on the Y-axis) enables the performance of vertical and horizontal drilling and milling work
  • swiveling through 360° with lock every 15°


  • Solid steel column Total Height 750 mm
  • Hexagonal steel boom Total lenght 500 mm

Working range

  • Travel Z-axis500 mm
  • Vertical drill stroke with retaining spring 55 mm
  • Travel Y-axis325 mmn

Steel column rotates through 360°

  • Total height 750 mm
  • Toothed Ø 35 mm
  • the steel column can be rotated through 360° in the base plate and can be locked in any position enabling work to
    be performed from all sides, also suitable for processing large workpieces also suitable for processing large workpieces

Hexagonal steel boom

  • Total lenght 500 mm
  • Toothed 30 mm

Machine support

  • for mounting drive units with Euronorm Ø 43 mm
  • swiveling through 360° with lock every 15°
  • swiveling the machine support enables the drilling milling stand to be used for small turning work

Base plate

  • made of gray cast iron 300 x 180 mm
  • with 4 T-slots giving flexible and stable workpiece clamping
  • width of slots for 10 mm T-slots or M10 hexagon bolts

Depth stop and retaining spring

  • for always drilling workpieces to exactly the same drilling depth

Guide housing

  • with 2 readjustable guide rollers
  • 2 adjustable scale rings for vertical travel Z-axis and transverse travel Y-axis

heavy duty design

  • Weight without packaging 16.7 kg


  • for processing metal, wood and plastic

Step clamp set 10 pieces

  • for 10 mm T-slot and M8 thread
    zum Lieferumfang gehören
  • 2 step blocks with stepped teeth
  • 2 step clamps
  • 2 flange nuts
  • 2 T-slot nuts
  • 2 studs
  • for clamping of workpieces
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