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CNC milling machine CC-F1210 PROFI Exhibition machine

Quick Overview

nccad professional controller and
milling software with 3D interpolation
with dovetail guides
Main drive power 1.4 kW
Work table 700 x 180 mm
Working range
X-500 Y-150 Z-280 mm

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WABECO Precision CNC Milling Machine CC-F1210 PROFESSIONAL - Exhibition machine

Vertical CNC milling machine

  • for metal processing

nccad professional controller

  • Travel speed (rapid traverse) X- and Y-axis 30 - 1200 mm/min
  • Travel speed (rapid traverse) Z-axis 30 - 800 mm/min

nccad PROFESSIONAL 3D Software

  • 3D interpolation, i.e. 3 axes can be displaced simultaneously,the 4th axis used for controlling the NC-rotary table
  • Program input according to DIN 66025 with G- and M-functions and graphical programming
  • Data import - DXF-files from a CAD system e.g. Auto CAD or HPGL files e.g. from Corel Draw

Ball screws

  • are required for the utmost positioning accuracy with nccad PROFESSIONAL

Additional functions

  • higher travel speeds compared to nccad basic controller
  • automated production through the use of the NC-rotary table in CNC mode (optional)
  • the use of an electronic handwheel (optional)

Program creation

  • for creating programs and for controlling the CNC machine a PC is required (PCs are not part of the delivery)
  • the PC assumes the program creation, the program administration and the data archiving
  • CNC programs can be created on several PCs independently from the CNC machine


  • the milling machine can be used in conventional as well as in CNC mode

Silent running

  • Extremly silent running due to modern electronically adjustable drive technology


  • Tool clamping and ejecting system
  • for clamping and ejecting the tools (mills, drills, clamping chucks etc.) without extra effort
  • no need to drive out tools with a hammer, therefore, no damage to the anti-friction bearings

Standard equipment

  • Tool holder MT2

Work table

  • 700 x 180 mm

Working range

  • 500 mm Longitudinal travel X-axis
  • 150 mm Transverse travel Y-axis
  • 280 mm Vertical travel Z-axis

Main drive motor

  • 230 V, 50/60 Hz
  • 1,4 kW, 140 - 3000 rpm
  • Single-phase inverse-speed motor speed-controlled as direct current model with permanent, closed loop rpm control system
  • with overload protection
  • Spindle speed can be adjusted by means of a potentiometer over awide range of cutting speeds
  • constant torque throughout the entire speed range

Tool spindle

  • with re-adjustable anti-friction bearings arranged in a large diameter drilling- and milling quill
  • high torque even in the lowest speed range e.g. for machining hard-to-cut materials e.g. for machining hard-to-cut materials
  • wide toothed belt between motor and tool spindle ensures a slip-free drive and a smooth running

Dovetail guides

  • free of play adjustable in all axes
  • 2 protective accordion bellows to protect dovetail guides
  • results in clean machined surfaces due to fine adjustable, fine tunable dovetail guides


  • perfect for hobby, model building, craft and workshop
  • for single and small-series production


  • 2 years warranty - the warranty does not cover parts subject to wear
  • Availability of spare parts also guaranteed after warranty period


  • Upgrading a manual WABECO milling machine with CNC components, connecting a WABECO nccad controller and a PC makes it now a high precision CNC milling machine.
  • To meet industrial standard safety requirements this to CNC converted. milling machine should be installed into a machine safety cabin.
  • Please refer to local safety standard requirements.
  • Without a machine safety cabin a milling machine converted to CNC does not meet CE listed requirements and can result in serious injuries.

Exhibition machines

  • these machines are about four weeks old
  • measured geometrically with test report
  • as our exhibition machines are individual pieces a prior sale is reserved

Personal tours

  • Come and convince yourself of the quality and precision of the WABECO machines and reap the benefits of a thorough consultation.

Special machine construction

  • We also offer special machine construction. Please contact us.

Technical data

Working range  
Longitudinal travel X-axis 500 mm
Transverse travel Y-axis 150 mm
Vertical travel Z-axis 280 mm
Drill stroke 55 mm
Distance milling table - tool spindle min. 90 mm max. 370 mm
Outreach tool spindle - column 185 mm
Machine precision  
Machine precision according to DIN 8615
True running accuracy of the tool spindle 0.01 mm
Main drive motor  
Main drive motor 230 V, 50/60 Hz 1.4 kW
electronically infinitely variable drive 140 - 3000 rpm
Drive technology  
Drive electronics with multiple fault monitoring circuit
e.g. milling in steel with a shank cutter Ø 10 mm with one infeed approx. 4 mm
Feed screws  
free of play adjustable trapezoidal thread spindles in all axes by means of adjustable bronze double nuts
Reading accuracy of the scale rings 0.05 mm
Tool spindle  
Tool holder MT2 with tightening thread M10
Z-column and coordinate table  
made of ribbed gray cast iron
Work table 700 x 180 mm
Number of T-slots 3
Width of T-slots 12 mm
Center distance between T-slots 50 mm
Fine feed in the Z-axis
Milling head  
Swiveling range of the milling head in both directions 90° (-90° to +90°)
Angle position easily read-off of the large scale
Vertical positon can be preset by means of a hardened and ground conical index pin
Protective hood
form-fit clamping of the quill over the entire lateral surface
Quill stroke with drilling depth stop
Reading accuracy scale ring - quill stroke 0.1 mm
Stepper motors  
Limit switches X- and Z-axis  
mechanical single limit switch
Travel speed (rapid traverse)  
X- and Y-axis  
nccad basic 30 - 600 mm/min
nccad professional 30 - 1200 mm/min
nccad basic 30 - 400 mm/min
nccad professional 30 - 800 mm/min
Dimensions and weight  
Machine dimensions without packaging W910 x D635 x H740 mm
Weight without packaging 122 kg

Declaration of noise levels in accordance with DIN EN ISO 3744

Emission sound pressure level at the workplace  
at 50% =66.8 dB(A)
at 100% =66.7 dB(A)
Sound power level  
at 50% =73.7 dB(A)
at 100% =79.1 dB(A)
At an emission sound pressure level from 80 dB (A) and above at the workplace ear protection is required

Comparison nccad basic with nccad professional milling software

Special equipment and accessories

Special equipment

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Product comparison CC-F1200 - CC-F1210 - CC-F1410 LF

WABECO machine promotion (pdf.)

Operating instructions - Assembled dimensions - Demoversions (.pdf)

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